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Workplace drug and alcohol testing kits

Drug and alcohol testing is a normal part of workplace health & safety

Workplace drug and alcohol testing, is now a normal part of workplace health and safety, in many industries, where the risks of drug related accidents are recognised, and a pro-active approach to minimise harm is viewed as essential.

Drug related problems are an increasing problem for UK employers across many sectors of business. Evidence suggests the risks from employees attending work under the influence of both drugs and alcohol have increased in the last 10 years.

Drugs have multiple effects on the brain and the body, often lasting for long after the drug is consumed, and this can affect an employee's performance at work, even if the misuse takes place outside the place of work. 

Drug and alcohol testing policy UK workplace

Business's should have a contract clause as a part of the basic employment contract for all staff. This should covering random workplace drug and alcohol testing, with a clear statement of the companies drug and alcohol policy, making it clear that attending the workplace under the influence of drugs and alcohol is unacceptable. A clear statement of what the business expects from it's employees is a good element of an offer of, or terms of, employment.

Having a workplace drug and alcohol policy, lets you clearly communicate to your employees, your position on drug misuse, together with your expectations of them regarding drugs and alcohol use during their period of employment on drug testing in the UK workplace.

When this is included in the employment contract, it forms a basic consent agreement for the employee. All staff with such a contract may be subject to random drug tests, and have agreed that the use of drugs in the workplace, or being under the influence of drugs in the workplace, is a dismissible offence.

Business's must operate the drug testing program in a fair and appropriate fashion, and keep up to date on any introduced UK government legislation or guidance.

Keep workplace drug & alcohol testing simple

Don't over complicate your drug testing by going for the biggest drug and alcohol test kit combination available. Screen for the common drugs, most drug testing companies will guide you towards an appropriate drug test kit for on-site screening.

Very few industries have a specified list of drugs to screen for, but screening everyone for 16 -24 drugs is just overkill. Common recreational and prescription drugs are common. Add additional drug tests for suspected local drug problems, and ensure that a confirmation laboratory drug test is available should you get a positive result on the screening drug test.

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Confirm all positive workplace screening drug tests

Always have access to a laboratory confirmation drug test pack before you start your drug screening. All workplace drug screening positive results should be confirmed using a chain of custody evidential and accredited lab confirmation process.

This protects the business from litigation and the employee from false positive drug test results. Instant on-site tests are great for screening, but not 100% accurate, so you are expected to move directly to an accredited laboratory confirmation drug test for all positive results on an employee in contract.

UK Drug Testing specialise in the supply of workplace drug and alcohol testing kits

We have an extensive range of drug and alcohol testing kits for onsite workplace drug screening and laboratory confirmation drug testing to suit a wide range of industries and businesses.

If you require any help or advice starting drug screening at work, or selecting the best drug test kits for your company drug testing, contact UK Drug Testing workplace drug testing experts and we will be happy to assist you.

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