Workplace drug and alcohol testing kits

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Confirming any non negative workplace drug and alcohol testing kits results with a workplace chain of custody lab drug test

Workplace drug testing kits


We have lots of drug and alcohol test kits for workplace drug screening on this website which you can purchase online using a debit or credit card.

When you are buying them it is important to consider what you will do with your non-negative (positive ) onsite drug test kit results.

We recommend that you also buy a workplace chain of custody back to lab drug test pack

laboratory drug test urine for workplace drug testing

This will enable you to get a confirmation drug test with paperwork done immediately following the non-negative result. If your screening drug test was a urine test you may be able to use the same sample if you have followed the full chain of custody drug testing procedures. If the screening drug test was a saliva test you will need to obtain a urine sample from the person being tested.

A delay of even a couple of days in obtaining this urine sample for confirmation drug testing will mean that in all likelihood the lab drug test will be negative as most drugs can only be detected in urine for up to 3-4 days following ingestion and some of them even sooner. Cannabis can be the exception to this as in certain cases it can test positive on a drug test for up to 30 days although this is unusual.

If you need any help or advice choosing the right drug testing kits for your workplace needs then contact our UK Drug Testing customer services team for advice, who will be happy to assist and guide you.

Buy workplace chain of custody lab urine drug test pack

Buy workplace drug and alcohol testing kits online

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