wholesale drug testing kits supplies

Wholesale Drug Testing Supplies

Wholesale Drug Testing Kits

wholesale drug testing kits UK

  • UK Drug Testing and Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd specialise in the importation and wholesale distribution of drug testing kits and supplies.
  • If you are wishing to buy drug test kits in bulk or wholesale quantities then please contact our sales department on 01263 731 168 option 3 or e-mail details of your requirements to trade@adtuk.co.uk
  • We also have some bulk and wholesale packs of drug testing kits available to buy in the wholesale section of our website

Which type of drug testing kits are best

  • Drug testing kits vary enormously in the procedure required to complete a near patient drug test.
  • We can guide you through the decision on which drug testing kit is best for the drug testing program to be undertaken.
  • Depending on the drug test environment, saliva drug test sampling may be better than urine drug test sampling. but equally, the detection window may be inappropriate for the cohort being drug tested.

Reliable accurate drug testing kits 

  • Your drug testing supplies need to be sourced from a range of reliable, proven manufacturers brands and be professionally packaged and CE certified for professional drug testing use.
  • The drug test distributor needs to understand the importance of properly environmentally protecting the biotech during air importation and handling, and also ensure the correct storage of drug testing supplies prior and during delivery to the purchaser.
  • Batch certification should always be available upon request and for up to 7 years after delivery of the drug testing kits.
  • Without these procedures the reliability of the drug test results will fall below the potential quality suggested at manufacture.
  • We have the experience to ensure all UK supplies of wholesale drug testing kits & products reach our customers in their optimum condition.
  • We have been dealing with many of our trusted drug test kit manufacturers for many years, which give us the confidence to guide new customers through the drug test catalogue choices, ensuring that all drug testing supplies meet the customers expectation, in both procedure and drug test result accuracy.
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