standard drug test kit UK workplace drug testing

What is the standard industry drugs test in the UK?

standard drug test kit uk workplace drug testing

Is there a standard industry drugs test for UK workplaces?

It's a question we get regularly from new customers, There certainly is a sector specific element to selecting an appropriate screening combination.

But surprisingly it's not something business buyers  of drug testing kits consider when re-ordering for an established in-house drug and alcohol screening program.

What does a standard urine drug test check for?

Many standard drug test combinations in use in the UK are frankly historic, and contain drug groups common 20 years ago, but rarely encountered in UK workplace drug testing today.

Screening with older drug test panel combinations is both a waste of time and money, worse still you could be completely ignoring emerging common drugs, which will go undetected if not screened for.

If you are simply sticking to an old combination drug test because your written drug test policy and procedure lists a specific combination of drugs, you are going to screen every sample for, it's time to update the workplace drug test policy to reflect changes in drug use in the 21st century.

Our advice is keep the list of drugs that you screen for in your policy open to revision, now and in the future by not specifying the drug groups you will screen for. Instead use a generic phrase such as "an appropriate combination of drug groups for the demographic of the work-force" This gives employers the best flexibility to respond to regional and local drug information.

Why are there so many combinations of drug test panels and drug test cups for UK workplaces?

There is no UK official Government, Home Office or HSE guidance when looking for what is standard in business drug screening, so it makes sense to ask for expert guidance from your drug test kit supplier, of what is an appropriate combination for your business sector and workforce demographic.

UK Drug Testing looks to support buyers with up to date advice on the best rapid drug testing kit for your requirements. We can give you a range of options and methods of rapid on-site screening, ensuring you get great overall value.

Drug and alcohol testing should be about creating a safe workplace without fuss and without testing for obsolete drug groups.

Examples of drug groups which are rarely detected in the UK:

  • BAR-Barbiturates
  • PCP

Examples of drug groups which are rarely tested for in the UK despite being common

  • KET-Ketamine
  • MDMA-Ecstasy

If you are new to drug testing you may find our where to start guide to workplace drug testing helpful.

If you would like any advice on choosing the best standard drug test for your workplace, we're here to help you.

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