Urine drug testing workplace uk

Urine Drug Testing

Why urine drug testing is now a great option for workplace drug testing 

Urine drug testing workplace

With many UK companies struggling to cope with demand and taking on new workers, the need for health and safety drug and alcohol testing has not gone away.

Urine drug testing is cheaper than saliva drug testing and offers a longer detection period for many drugs. The modern design integrated urine drug test cups enable the safe operation of a drug testing policy without endangering the collectors' or donors' health.

Urine drug test kits advantages

  • Urine drug test samples can be collected while observing social distancing workplace guidelines.
  • A huge variety of urine drug testing kits are available and you can test for up to 16 drugs
  • Urine sample is easily retained and can be easily sent for laboratory confirmation drug testing
  • Urine drug tests are much cheaper in price than equivalent saliva drug testing kits

Detection times for urine drug testing

Drug test cups 

  • Moving to drug test cups during the current health crisis, may make the operation of your drug and alcohol policy possible, where saliva collection is hazardous, or PPE is not available.
  • Urine drug test cups make sample collection safe and achievable even with social distancing measures.
  • The drug test kit is integrated into a urine cup which greatly reduces urine sample handling and can be sealed by the donor.
  • Many cup drug testing kits also have an inbuilt temperature strip
  • Some cup drug test kits have an inbuilt adulteration test strip to check for sample tampering or dilution

UKDrugTesting offers the UK's largest range of Cup Drug Tests

  • Drug test cups from 7 to 16 drug combinations
  • All with temperature check strips
  • Many with 3 or 6 pad adulteration check strips
  • Transparent online pricing with discounts if you are buying drug tests in bulk or wholesale
  • Bespoke production orders from as little as 25 drug testing cups
  • FREE drug test procedure and drug testing record keeping documents to download
  • Supported with low-cost fully accredited laboratory confirmation drug test packs
  • Experienced, expert customer service advice on 01263 731 268 during office hours Monday to Friday
  • Buy drug test cups for workplace drug testing online from UK Drug Testing company.
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