Sailing Tectona drug recovery charity

UK Drug Testing is delighting to be supporting the UK recovery charity Sailing Tectona

Sailing Tectona

Sailing Tectona charity adults in recovery drug addiction

Sailing Tectona and the Tectona Trust charity are based in Plymouth, and aims to inspire positive change in people's lives through sail training on two beautiful boats Tectona and Olive

They work with all many groups of people including adults in recovery from substance mis-use.

The Tectona Trust is the charity that supports it, and helps people in recovery from addiction to rebuild their life by sailing offshore and working on the maintaining the boats.

How is UK Drug Testing supporting the Tectona Trust charity

2020 has been a difficult year for many charities with many of their usual forms of income and fundraising not possible.

We were made aware of the charity needs through a mutual friend in the sailing industry, and we have recently donated £500 to their fundraising campaign through their Just Giving page and we are helping to raise awareness through social media and our website. 

We will also  be supporting them by providing drug testing kits once the sailing trips restart hopefully next spring and summer.

How can you help 

You can get involved either by becoming a volunteer, helping with fund raising or by donating money. Any donation is very welcome  and will go towards maintaining these beautiful sailing boats and keeping the charity running so that it can continue to support positive changes in peoples lives.

For more information or to get involved visit

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