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Testing for drugs and alcohol as part of your health and safety at work.

Drug and alcohol use in your workforce is a health and safety issue

Drug and alcohol testing workplace UK

Drugs and alcohol screening, should be integral and inseparable in most health and safety policies, adopted in workplaces in the UK. Unfortunately, alcohol awareness tends to slip first, and often gets overlooked, until after an event or accident.

Awareness of the risks of alcohol, in safety critical environments, is much greater, than in less vigorously controlled job roles.  This is especially to be noted as we approach the festive seasons, and employees are exposed to increased social events, often abutting on, or fitted around work commitments.

Alcohol related accidents in any workplace are serious, and employers can reduce the risks with careful safety awareness, and monitoring campaigns. 

Employees on medication, can be especially vulnerable to the effects of alcohol, with unexpected high blood alcohol levels, caused by medications blocking or slowing alcohol breakdown in the body.

Breathalyser kits

Single use disposable breathalysers are a growing tool in the armoury of alcohol awareness and make measurement easy and fast. They are also very cheap per test, so can have a real impact if given to staff for self testing as part of an awareness of risk campaign. These single use blow tube alcohol tests, have proved very reliable and accurate, over the years we have been supplying them. 

Business's interested in supplying breathalyser kits for their employees use, or who wish to use them as a front line screening tool, should contact our trade supply department, as we can offer substantial discounts on large volume orders, this autumn.

Drug and alcohol testing kits

drug and alcohol testing kits workplace uk

UK Drug Testing also have an extensive range of drug and alcohol testing kits and disposable breathalyser kits for workplace drug and alcohol screening available to buy online. Next day UK delivery available.


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