Single strip drug test kits range expanded

Single strip drug test kits range expanded

New single drug testing strips have been added to our UK Drug Testing catalogue over the summer.

Single drug test strips UK Drug Testing

We now have a range of 46 options of single drug testing kits. Most buyers now select the 50 test strip packs of single drug tests over the traditional but bulkier cassette format drug test kits.

The accuracy is the same whichever design you select, but drug test strips are always cheaper than cassette format drug test kits, due to the more compact and lighter import freight costs. The packs of strips are also 50 tests versus 40 tests for the cassettes making the drug test strips better value for money.

ALLTEST Single Drug Tests

The ALLTEST single drug test range now includes many newer drug test membranes, never previously available, to enable the ability to screen urine for recently developed drug groups, which as yet are not regularly included in cup or panel drug tests.

See the full selection of single drug test kits available here 

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