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Scotland Drug Driving Test

Scotland has introduced a new drug driving law

Drug Driving Scotland Law

Last week Scotland introduced a drug driving law that allows the Scottish police to perform roadside drug tests on motorists if they suspect that drugs have been consumed, in the same way that they can breathalyse drivers for alcohol if they suspect alcohol has been consumed.

The new drug driving law in Scotland came into effect on 21st October 2019. A similar drug driving law was introduced in England and Wales in 2015

What drugs will be tested for at the roadside in Scotland

The Scottish police will be able to test for Cannabis and Cocaine at the roadside using a DrugWipe test kit in the same way that the English police do now. The drug test will have a virtually zero tolerance for Cannabis and Cocaine. Cannabis is picked up more frequently than Cocaine when drivers are tested at the roadside, which reflects the fact that Cannabis is currently the most widely available and used illegal drug.

 What happens when a driver fails a roadside drug test in Scotland

If a driver fails the roadside drug test they will be taken back to the police station to see a doctor, and further tests including blood tests may then be done to confirm the result of the roadside drug test. The police may also test for other drugs that can impair driving on a blood test.

What are the penalties for drug driving

The penalties for drug driving ( driving under the influence of drugs ) are similar to the penalties for drink driving ( driving under the influence of alcohol )

How common is drug driving 

Figures over the last 4 years since roadside drug testing began in England and Wales suggest that on average 37 drivers a day test positive for drugs at the roadside and data from post mortem on drivers and motorcyclists confirm that drug driving is often a factor in fatal road traffic accidents.

The current roadside drug test is probably just picking up the tip of the iceberg of the incidence of drug driving and the true figures for drug driving are probably much, much higher.  

Can I buy a roadside drug test to test my drivers

We have a range of oral drug testing kits that are suitable to screen drivers for the same drugs as the police roadside drug test and will also allow you to screen for others drugs that impair driving. 

The ALLTEST 6 panel saliva drug test kit roadside drugs is an excellent choice for screening drivers

The DrugWipe brand drug test kit that the police in Scotland and England use is an orla mouth swab drug test kit. This particular brand of drug test is not available to buy and is exclusively for police use in the UK.

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