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Saliva Drug Testing

Saliva drug testing, the future of drug testing kits

Saliva drug testing kits UK

More and more workplace drug testing is being carried out in the UK and increasingly the first choice is a saliva drug testing kit. The range of drug groups which can now be screening with a saliva drug test matches the traditional urine range of drug testing kits. In fact, increasingly new drug tests are being released first in a saliva format, with the urine drug test option coming later.

Why is saliva drug testing becoming more popular

The move to saliva drug testing is also the result of increased accuracy being manufactured into the products by leading Biotech companies such as ALLTEST. With greater specificity and sensitivity, the overall accuracy levels achieved using saliva now rivals urine point of testing alternative. With the clear chain of custody advantage of saliva sample collection standing out to drug test buyers and drug test coordinators, it is not surprising that saliva drug testing kits rival the urine cup alternative.

Also critical to the rise in popularity in saliva drug testing is the relative drop in cost of this option over the last 3 years. Saliva drug tests are now comparable in cost per test kit to most integrated cup collection urine drug test options.

saliva drug test kits Uk workplace

The new DSD-863 direct saliva drug testing kit design shown above was introduced in spring 2019 is compact and uses 85% less plastic than an equivalent urine cup drug test. A shipping case of 1000 tests is also only 18% the volumetric weight for transport, saving valuable aviation fuel.

Laboratory saliva drug testing

The final essential element now in place to enable workplace and healthcare saliva drug testing to become the primary mode of drug screening was the development of a full set of laboratory accredited chain of custody confirmation test to enable evidential confirmation to be provided. The laboratory single drug group, pre-paid lab packs are now available as add-on's to all our saliva point of care screening drug testing kits.

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Written 02.010.19 Doctor M J E Garside Clinical Director ADTUK Ltd


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