Railside Drug Testing Kits

Railside Drug Testing Kits

Railside Drug Testing Kits

Introducing our new 11 Panel Railside Drug Testing Kits 

At UK Drug Testing, we are committed to providing reliable and efficient drug testing kits for various industries, including the railside sector. Our latest 11 panel urine Railside Drug Testing Kit and our 11 panel saliva Railside Drug Testing Kit are designed to meet the specific needs of railside employers and operators, ensuring a safer and drug-free work environment.

Key Features:

  1. 11-Panel Drug Test: The Railside Drug Testing Kit are available in both urine or saliva formats, providing comprehensive results in a single test. This makes them both an ideal choice for quick and efficient drug screening in the railside industry.

  2. Accurate and Reliable Results: Our drug testing kits are built with precision and accuracy in mind. You can trust the results obtained from our 11-panel drug tests, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding employee safety and compliance with industry regulations.

  3. Easy to Use: The Railside Drug Testing Kits from UK Drug Testing are user-friendly and don't require specialised training for usage. With our clear instructions, administering the drug test and interpreting the results become hassle-free. 

  4. Rapid On-site Testing: Enables contractors to efficiently pre-screen workers prior to site arrival. Reducing costly failures within contract testing. Our drug testing kit provides rapid on-site results, saving you time and ensuring prompt action if a drug-related issue arises.

  5. Designed for Railside Employers: Understanding the unique combination requirements of the railside sector, our drug testing kit is tailored to cover rail industry-specific needs. It enables you to maintain and provide a safe and productive workforce, adhering to regulatory standards.

  6. Compliance with Industry Standards: UK Drug Testing products all meet MHRA CE certification requirements for use as Medical Diagnostic Devices, the highest level of UK certification for rapid lateral flow test kits. The latest railside drug test kits comply with required and relevant industry drug test combinations, ensuring reliability and consistency and are available as either a urine test or a saliva test.

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