Pre-employment drug screening

Pre-employment drug screening

Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing is a growing area of recruitment services and candidate screening in the UK. 

Pre-employment and employer drug testing kits UK 

How common is pre-employment drug screening in UK

Mirroring the increasing levels of drugs misuse, and increased concern both for health and safety compliant workplaces and candidate and employee health and well-being, drugs testing is now a common element of early stage recruitment across a range of industries.

Super-markets, high-street retailers, logistics and warehousing have all taken on board the relevance of drug and alcohol use and lowered productivity, and more importantly accident risk.

So what are the most common drug tests for employment screening in the UK:

ALLTEST 7 in 1 workplace urine drug test kit

  • Produced specifically to cover the core 5 common UK recreational drug groups with the addition of 2 UK police roadside drug test membranes the workplace 7 panel urine drug test offers the ideal combination starter drug test kit for business workplace drug screening.
  • Available as a panel dip test, screw lid cup test and split chamber key cup test, this combination offers the cover needed for broad screening in a variety of designs to match the testing procedure and need for confirmation testing follow on.

ALLTEST 7 in 1 saliva drug and alcohol test kit DSD-877

  • The ALLTEST 7 in 1 saliva drug and alcohol testing kit DSD-877 provides rapid on-site instant oral screening for both drugs and alcohol in a single saliva mouth swab test design.
  • This saliva drug test kit offers the convenience and sample collection advantages of point of care saliva testing and is a growing favourite for UK business drug screening.

Construction, Railside and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) drug screening

  • Construction, railside and CAA drug screening require more specialist and broader drug test kit combinations.
  • Here we provide the DSD-8127 construction and DSD-8135 saliva drug test kit combinations, and for urine drug testing the DOA-1107 workplace and DOA-1104 railside drug test cup combination.

See our most popular pre-employment and employment workplace drug test kits

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