opiate urine drug test kit 3 panel

Opioid Differentiating 3 Panel Drug Test Kit

How to differentiate different types of opiates on a urine drug test

UK Drug Testing have launched a new combination 3-panel urine drug testing kit to enable rapid on-site drug screening for Opiates.

how to screen for opiates in urine

The 3-panel urine drug test kit includes 3 membrane drug screens giving individual positive or negative results for the three different opioid drug groups.

Opiods screened for on the new drug test kit:

  • Morphine 300ng MOP-300
  • Methadone 300ng MTD-300
  • 6-MAM 10ng. 6-MAM-10

opioid urine drug test kit 3 panel

What are the advantages of this new 3 panel opioid drug test kit

The ultra sensitive morphine membrane detects all opiates being broken down via the morphine pathway for up to 5 days after consumption. This will detect all the common opiate pain killers including co-codamol, DF118, paracetamol/codeine mixes etc. Before is has not been possible to differentiate these from Heroin, with the result that they are commonly taken as mitigation on rapid drug testing, to cover continued heroin use.

opiate drug testing

The addition of the 6-MAM membrane to this drug test allows street heroin use to be detected quickly on-site. The 6-MAM test is specific to Heroin which is subsequently broken down via the morphine pathway, so the MOP test should also be positive if the heroin has been taken more than a few hours.

Methadone MTD is included in this drug test kit as we envisage this panel being used widely in Methadone treatment programs, where compliance with treatment and abstinence from heroin is being monitored.

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