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Latest drug test kits more environmentally friendly

Happy New Year from all our team here at UKDrugTesting

We are constantly looking at all elements of our drug test catalogue contents, both to ensure that the combinations of drug test kits being offered remain relevant to our buyers here in the UK and internationally, but increasingly, our decisions include the environmental hidden and direct costs of the lateral flow test drug test kits on offer.

Environmental, social and corporate governance

The term ESG, which stands for environmental, social and corporate governanceentered business considerations in a major way during 2021, and while companies selling single use, largely plastic drug test kits will struggle to limit the environmental impact, we have taken the following business decisions which we believe will have a positive effect.

  • During 2021 we moved over 99% of our stock import to sea freight. While nowhere near environmentally perfect, sea freight is considerably better for the environment than air freight, and enables considerably larger volumes to be handled per import, reducing local delivery costs and emissions further.
  • New compact designs of existing drug testing kits were added to our UK Drug Testing catalogue. Examples of this include the new DSD-873/MTD direct saliva drug test kit which is a more environmentally friendly alternative to the DSD-877 barrel design saliva drug test kit. Identical drug test combinations, identical accuracy drug test membranes, but one quarter of the shipping volume, meaning less packaging, smaller plastic content per drug test kit, and reducing fuel consumed transporting them. Being smaller and lighter in weight make the new design of saliva drug test kit more environmentally friendly than older designs of oral drug test kits,  reducing the carbon footprint and impact on the planet for our customers as well as us. 

As a consequence of all these savings in transportation costs, we have also been able to offer the new format saliva drug test kits DSD-873/MTD and DSD-873/MET options for a lower price than the original barrel design of drug test which has proved so popular.

We hope UK business's will take the opportunity to move to the direct saliva drug testing kits during 2022, and help make their drug and alcohol testing, both cheaper and a little kinder on the environment.

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