Festival drug test kits

New Festival Drug Testing Kits

Festival drug testing kits

Festival drugs drug testing kits

Keeping up to date with relevant drug testing kit combinations is an important part of our drug testing product development. With pandemic restrictions now lifted, the UK festival season is back in full swing, and this new combination urine drug test kit looks to cover the current common recreational drugs of the UK festival going population.

The 5-panel festival drugs drug test kit is loaded with industry leading ultra sensitive drug test membranes covering festival drugs including Cocaine, Ecstasy, Cannabis, Amphetamine and Ketamine.

The ultra low sensitivities of these drug test membranes means lower levels of residual drug can be detected in the urine sample, giving the best rates of drug test detection possible.

The new festival 5-panel urine drug testing kit is available from UK Drug Testing in single, 5 test and 25 test pack options. Orders for below 25 panels will be supplied with simplified drug testing instructions. The full manufacturer's data and instruction sheet will be supplied with each 25 drug test panel order.

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