New 16 drug test cup now available in the UK

UK Drug Testing have released for sale the new 16 drug cup drug test kit which offers the most comprehensive cup drug test available. The all new 16 drug combination covers all of the common drugs of abuse with the addition of modern drug groups including synthetic cannabis and ketamine screens.

The Cup also includes drug tests for what are becoming the modern prescription drugs of abuse with tests for Fentanyl, Tramadol, Gabapentin and Oxycodone.

This is the largest combination we have ever offered, and it took a new re-designed cup to accommodate the 16 drug membranes and the double urine adulteration test strips loaded into this test.

The cup, christened "the Behemoth" also incorporates a temperature test strip.

It is ideal for anyone wanting to complete a really comprehensive screen, where the drug history is unknown or uncertain. 

The 16 drug urine cup drug test is available to buy online here

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