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Employment drug testing 

Recreational drug use does not stand still. Most UK employment drug screening and pre-employment drug testing programs have, for decades. The lack of clear guidance for employers on what drugs they should test for, encourages this further, and the temptation to stick with a drug testing product, program or procedure, because change takes management and time to change, becomes the norm.

Many standard employment drug test kit combinations are now outdated

Many drug test combinations screen for drug groups which are either out of favour, not a local drug of abuse or simply not appropriate for your workforce demographic. Worse still these drug test combinations simply don't include tests for the recreational modern drugs of choice, and it's very likely your employees know they will not be detected by your drug testing program, further encouraging migration to these drug groups groups.

Which drug test kit offers the best modern drug test combination

Our advice is look at the drug test kit options to screen for what is likely to affect the safe operation of your workplace, and in particular look to include some of these modern recreational drug groups in your drug testing.

There is nothing to restrict you using a range of drug test combinations within your drug testing program on a randomised basis. This broadens the spectrum of the drug screening program without increasing the cost.

Drug use in the UK workforce is changing all the time

UK Drug Testing monitor the national trends in drug abuse, to ensure there is an option to add drug screening for emerging drug groups.

urine drug test kit for employers 10 panel drug test cup

Our latest addition to the cup drug testing range is the ALLTEST 10-drug Employment cup DOA-1107-A1 a screw lid single chamber drug screen with temperature check strip and 3 pad urine adulteration check plus 10 drug group tests including screens for Synthetic Cannabis and Ketamine in addition to 8 common drugs it covers everything required for employment drug screening.

Which UK employers is this drug test kit suited to and what drugs does it test for?

This 10 panel drug test cup is suitable for employers screening a younger age workforce for drugs, in the 18-30 age group, socially active, party goers who choose K2/K3 synthetic cannabis over THC to avoid workplace drug screening penalties, fully aware of the long detection times of THC.

Also included is a drug test for Ketamine, or special K which has grown to be one of the most widely used recreational teenage drugs over the last 3 years, with many of its users now entering the jobs market.

The Employment drug test cup also includes tests for Cannabis, Cocaine, Ecstasy, and Amphetamine, while also covering sedative high risk groups including Opiates, Methadone, Benzodiazepines and Buprenorphine.

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