Instant Hair drug test kits launched by UK Drug Testing

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Instant on-site hair drug testing kits

hair drug test kit UK

ALLTEST remain at the leading edge of point of care drug and alcohol testing and we are proud to support them with the launch of 2 brand new instant, point of care hair drug testing kits.

Hair drug testing

Until now hair drug testing has required lab based processing of the sample, with the resultant 3-5 day minimum turnaround of any drug test results. The 2 new point of care hair drug tests allow screening for drug deposits in hair samples in 5  to 10 minutes, and contain everything required to complete individual drug tests.

The launch drug test options include a DCT-902 Cotinine drug test for nicotine exposure and DME-902 Crystal drug test or crystal ice.

Further drug test options and multi-panel drug tests for hair are expected over the next 6 months.

See hair drug test kits

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