How to tell if someone is on drugs

How to tell if someone is on drugs

 how to tell if someone on drugs

Is there a way to tell if someone is on drugs just by looking at them

Knowing whether someone at your workplace, or in your family is taking drugs is important and drug testing can help to answer this question, but we are often asked are there ways to spot drug use just by looking at someone?

There are some signs that you can look for, that may help you identify drug or alcohol misuse.  

Below are some signs that someone may be misusing drugs or alcohol:

These signs are not specific to drug and alcohol misuse, but may help you to open a conversation around the subject with the individual. 

Changes in behaviour

  • Change in their behaviour at work or school , often late and appearing tired, and disinterested or even 'hungover.'
  • A unexpected deterioration in work performance and reviews
  • Unexpected deterioration in school performance, and loss of interest in school work
  • Strange behaviour
  • Acting out of character
  • More emotional with marked mood swings
  • Getting into debt. Poor finances
  • Breakdown of relationships
  • Change is social circles
  • Appearing secretive and defensive if questioned

Changes in appearance that may be associated with drug or alcohol misuse

  • Appearing dishevelled at work, school or college
  • Dirty clothes, may look like they've slept in their clothes
  • Change in their appearance with or marked deterioration in personal care.
  • May appear unkempt.
  • Poor health-weight loss or generally looking unwell, lots of minor ailments, appears run down. 
  • Seeing drug paraphernalia on their person, in their bag or room or white powder, tablets etc

Physical signs that may be associated with drug or alcohol misuse

  • Needle tracks on forearms or legs
  • Abnormal pupil size-dilated pupils (much larger than usual) or pinpoint (tiny pupils)
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Weight loss
  • Smell of alcohol on their breath either at work or school, or in the day

The problem is that unless the problem with drugs or alcohol, is quite severe then there may not be any signs that the person is misusing drugs or alcohol, and the first that you may know of the problem, is when there is an incident either at work or school or on the road.

We have a range of workplace drug testing kits that can help you identify and deter drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace.

If you are concerned that a family member may be misusing drugs or alcohol the Talk To Frank is a great free resource that you can access for drugs information.

Home drug testing kits are available to order online 

Talk to someone about drug testing

If you would like to talk to someone in confidence about drug testing then our experienced friendly customer support team will be happy to help. They are available by telephone and email Monday to Friday *.30am to 5pm. 

Telephone 01263 731 168 

Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm

email UK Drug Testing


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