How to spot the signs of Cannabis use

How to spot the signs of Cannabis use

Do you suspect that somebody you know is using Cannabis?

Cannabis Use how to spot the signs

This can be a difficult situation to deal with, whether it’s a family member, friend or colleague.

If the person is one of your colleagues, not only are they damaging their own health, but depending on their role within your company they might be putting the lives of others at risk too, or at the very least costing your company money in lost productivity.

This article will highlight some of the typical signs to look out for:

Have you noticed any of the following?

  • Mood Swings - do they swing from being relaxed, sociable or giggly to angry, paranoid, verbally abusive and possibly even violent?
  • Deceitful – cannabis users will often try to hide things and become secretive, often lying to cover themselves.
  • Food cravings – are they eating lots during bouts of ‘The Munchies’?
  • Have you noticed that their judgement or perception seems clouded or impaired?
  • Do they have ‘secret’ phone calls and go out without explanation?
  • Are they chain smoking?
  • Has anything gone missing from the home or place of work, particularly money?
  • Has their personal hygiene and overall appearance deteriorated? You can often see little round burn marks on their clothing and belongings. Do their clothes smell like burnt sage?
  • Cannabis users often have a blank expression.
  • Physical changes can include dark rings under the eyes, slurred speech, dilated pupils, sensitive/red eyes, runny nose, rash around the mouth, frequent chest infections, stomach cramps, indigestion, stomach upsets, tiredness, coughing and sniffing.
  • Has their short-term memory or ability to concentrate deteriorated?

If you are worried about a relative, look out for the following signs:

  • They lock the door to their bedroom. 
  • Friendship circle changed.
  • Money missing from home.
  • Paraphernalia including little clear plastic bags, rizla papers, torn up pieces of card, candles, pipes, bongs and blackened spoons.

If you notice a number of these signs, it might be time to carry out a simple test. We offer a range of easy to use urine and saliva drug testing kits. The kits start from as little as £2.40 for 5 THC urine test strips. Please browse our website today to see the latest range of drug tests and tips on carrying out the tests and advice on dealing with the situation.

For further information on how to spot and deal with Cannabis use visit Talk To Frank

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