faint lines on a drug test

Faint Lines On A Drug Test

faint line on a drug test

What does a faint line on a drug test mean?

Over the years this question comes around periodically.

Faint and Thin lines on a drug test

Is a faint line on drug test negative

There is a normal variation in the thickness, colour saturation and appearance of the T Test line results on a drug test result across different drug groups within our multi-drug screening test kits.

This is partly down to the different sensitivity or cut off levels of the different drug tests, but other factors can alter the T line appearance on a drug test result, including variations in the sample being tested.

Urine and saliva are dynamic physiological liquids and even the same drug test kit run on the same donor at different times of day will show a normal variance.

The more lateral flow drug testing you perform, the more you will come to appreciate these changes as normal, and concentrate on reading the results as a straight forward Negative or Positive result at the manufacturers specified read time.

Partial test line on a drug test

A T line which does not run across the complete thickness of the test area but is still visible, and is in the expected zone of the T test line should still be interpreted as a negative result

To help with training and support we made this video with examples of faint lines on drug test results and how to interpret them. If you need any further help interpreting drug test results, our customer support team are available during our office hours.

More information on how to interpret a faint line on a drug test and what it means

You can also watch our video below to help you understand what faint lines on drug tests mean and how to interpret them

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