Faint line on a drug test strip- what does it mean?

Faint line on a drug test strip- what does it mean?

How to interpret a faint line on a drug test strip

We recently received this e-mail and photos to our customer support team, and as how to read drug test results where the T line is faint in colour is a common question we thought you may find it useful.

Faint line on a drug test strip for Benzodiazepines BZO what does it mean

faint line on a drug test strip

Good afternoon,
I recently bought a drug test kit for Benzodiazepine.  I have conducted several tests so far, at different times. Each test has been negative (I think).  Can you please advise:
  1. What does a totally clean negative test strip result look like
  2. What does a positive test look like.
I enclose three pictures of the results so far.  Can you interpret them please? Thank you.

Here is our customer support team answer with regard to reading and interpreting the drug test results

All these results are negative

ie no drugs detected

The presence of a visible control C line and the T line is a negative result

The difference in the colour density is not of any significance. 

A positive result would have a C line but no T line would be visible

You may find this page helpful as it has information on interpreting results


Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance.
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If you need any help or advise interpreting drug test results our friendly customer support team are here to help you. 

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