ETG Test Strips

ETG Test Strips

ETG test strips 80 hour alcohol test

What are ETG test strips and how are they used

Essentially ETG (ethyl glucuronide) is a reliable metabolite, breakdown by-product, or biomarker for alcohol long after the detectable alcohol has been excreted by the body.

It has been called the 80hr alcohol test, although the sensitivity and specificity drop to below 44% by 72 hours.

What format are ETG tests available in

ETG tests are available as strips or cassette tests for screening human urine and come in a range of sensitivities, the cut-off level above which the test shows positive, and below which the test shows negative. 

Why do ETG tests have a cut off level

  • You may ask why you have a cut off level at all, surely any ETG in the urine indicates alcohol has been consumed?
  • Unfortunately not as some alcohol is naturally fermented from carbohydrates in the digestive system.
  • There are also a few metabolic conditions that can cause alcohol to be produced, so the ETG cut off level has been set above what could be expected from these causes, thus excluding them as reasons for positive test results.
  • The ALLTEST ETG test strips we supply have a cut off of 500mg/Ml

What are the detection times for ETG tests

  • ETG tests should become positive within a few hours of alcohol being consumed
  • An ETG test should remain positive for between 24 to 72 hours after alcohol has ceased to be consumed.

When is an ETG test used

ETG tests are useful in any setting where screening for alcohol consumption is required.

ETG tests may be used in the following situations

  • Healthcare
  • Abstinence treatment programs 
  • Insurance screening 
  • Health and safety settings, especially off-shore oil and gas.
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