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Enhancing Workplace Efficiency With Onsite Drug Testing

The cost and time savings of on-site drug testing for UK companies

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficiency is paramount. With increasing competition and evolving regulations, UK companies are continuously seeking ways to streamline their operations and optimise resources. One area where significant improvements can be made is in employee drug testing protocols. Traditionally, many companies have relied on laboratory-based drug testing methods, but a shift towards on-site drug testing can yield substantial time and cost savings while maintaining compliance and accuracy.

Laboratory drug testing

Laboratory drug testing has long been the standard procedure for many companies and organisations in the UK. However, this approach comes with inherent drawbacks. The process involves collecting samples from employees and sending them off to external laboratories for analysis. This not only incurs transportation costs but also results in delays due to sample processing times and potential backlogs in busy laboratories. Additionally, the administrative burden of coordinating sample collection and managing results adds further strain on often already over stretched resources.

On site drug testing

On the contrary, on-site drug testing offers a more streamlined and cost-effective solution. By utilising CE-approved, premium-quality rapid drug testing kits, UK companies can conduct screenings directly at their premises. This eliminates the need for external laboratory services for most employee drug tests and significantly reduces turnaround times. With on-site testing, results are available almost instantly, allowing for prompt decision-making and action when necessary.

Advantages of on site drug tests

One of the key advantages of on-site drug testing is its ability to save time. In a laboratory setting, samples may take days to be processed, leading to delays in hiring decisions or disciplinary actions. On-site testing circumvents this delay, enabling employers to make timely and informed choices regarding employee status. Whether it's for pre-employment drug screening, random drug testing, or post-incident investigations, on-site drug testing provides real-time results, facilitating faster resolution of personnel matters.

In addition on-site drug testing can deliver substantial cost savings for UK companies. Laboratory testing involves various expenses, including sample collection kits, transportation fees, laboratory fees per drug tested for, and administrative costs. These costs can quickly add up when you are screening for multiple drugs, especially for companies with large workforces or frequent workplace drug testing requirements. On-site drug testing eliminates many of these expenses, offering a more economical alternative without compromising on accuracy or compliance.

When to conduct a laboratory drug test

Laboratory drug testing is the definitive method for confirming any non negative (positive) drug test results obtained on a rapid drug test and it is performed through a laboratory gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) analysis of the initial sample. This procedure, typically abbreviated as GC/MS testing, is conducted in accredited laboratories. Accreditation guarantees continual quality assurance for the accuracy of drug test outcomes. The samples submitted for analysis, primarily urine or saliva, must be collected using a comprehensive chain of custody system and meticulous documentation to ensure the resulting certificate of results can be substantiated as evidence in legal or disciplinary proceedings.

This precaution is imperative, especially when conducting drug and alcohol screenings on employees where the results may have significant implications for their employment status or workplace safety. It is incumbent upon employers to ensure that any consequential actions are based solely on confirmed and accredited drug test results. 

Determining when to conduct a laboratory drug test depends on several factors, including company policies, industry regulations, and specific circumstances.

Here are some common scenarios in which proceeding to a laboratory drug test may be appropriate:

  1. In a workplace environment, any non-negative (i.e positive) results from on-site drug tests should undergo confirmation testing at a laboratory. The primary rationale behind this practice is that, despite the high accuracy of rapid on-site drug tests, they do not guarantee 100% accuracy. Regardless of the brand of drug testing kits utilized, all products undergo rigorous quality certification processes before being introduced to the European or UK market. However, it's important to note that even with stringent quality standards, there remains a possibility of encountering a small number of false-positive and false-negative results with any testing kit.
  2. if the employee (sample donor) has disclosed recent medication intake before the sample collection, that will affect the rapid drug test results, it is advisable to opt for the more expensive laboratory confirmation drug test. Even when medication is declared which would possibly explain the positive on-site drug test result, you should still send the sample for confirmation drug testing, This will identify if the result is the declared drug, or if it is being taken or declared to cover up other drug abuse. 

Making the change to onsite drug screening from laboratory drug testing

Transitioning from laboratory drug testing to on-site drug testing as your first line of drug screening is a strategic investment for UK companies looking to optimise their resources and enhance workplace efficiency. By leveraging innovative rapid lateral flow testing technologies and streamlining testing processes, organisations can achieve significant time and cost savings while upholding stringent standards for employee health and safety.

In conclusion, the move towards on-site drug testing represents a proactive step towards modernising workplace practices and maximising operational efficiency. With its ability to deliver rapid results, reduce costs, and simplify testing procedures, on-site drug testing is poised to become the preferred choice for UK companies seeking a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape.

If you are a UK company, and require any help or assistance transitioning to onsite drug testing, please contact our UK Drug Testing customer support team who will be happy to assist you. They are available Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm by our website chat, email and telephone.

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