Drug Tests For UK Workplace

Drug Tests For UK Workplace

Choosing the right drug tests for workplace drug testing

Drug tests for workplace

There is a huge amount of drug testing information out there and knowing which drug test to choose for your workplace or industry can be difficult. 

In the UK there is no specific list or guidance from any statutory body to refer to. This can make the initial choice difficult unless you have a business model to copy, that operates and established drug and alcohol screening program.

Specific advice is freely available from our team of drug test advisers. They are open 9-5 pm, 5 days a week on telephone number  01263 731 168 

Workplace drug tests urine or saliva?

One key point to have considered before you call us is the choice of urine or saliva drug testing for your first line workplace drug screens. Increasingly business drug testing is moving to saliva, for the convenience and security of observing the sample collection and handling We will guide you on the positive and negative points to each type of drug test and find the simplest, best value and best combination drug testing kit to suit your industry.

If you are aware of a specific drug concern locally, we should be able to find a drug screening test to cover the drug groups of concern to you.

Confirm all non negative workplace drug test results with a lab test 

Rapid drug tests give you a result in 10 minutes, but whatever brand or system you decide to use, as a business you must have a system of confirmation drug testing for all non negative rapid drug test results.

We have the lowest cost access to this fully accredited confirmation drug testing with options for saliva and urine accredited laboratory confirmation drug testing. We will explain why this is critical to your program. 

We also supply free of charge paper record templates and a full free service of post test advice and Medical Officer help with interpretation of rapid and lab test reports. Great reasons to choose UK Drug Testing as your supplier for workplace drug tests.

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