Drug Testing Kits UK stock

Drug Testing Kits UK stock

Thank You

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing customer support and warehouse teams for their continued hard work in working tirelessly processing your orders and dispatching them to you as normal, through these challenging times. 

We would also like to thank The Royal Mail and our UK courier companies for continuing to provide a great delivery service, and last but not least you our customers for your patience and continued support.

Drug testing kits current stock

We still have very good stocks in UK of most of the urine and saliva drug testing kits, however if the drug testing kits that you usually order or require are currently out of stock, please contact our UK Drug Testing customer support team for advice on when they will be back in stock. In most cases we may be able to suggest an alternative drug test kit, that will cover the required drugs, if you are unable to wait for the new stock.

e-mail UK Drug Testing for latest drug testing kits stock updates

The following drug testing kits that have been out of stock since the end of last week will be back in stock in our UK warehouse shortly:

Over the next 24 hours we will be re-enabling online ordering of these particular drug test kits with an expected date for delivery shown. 

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