Drug testing kits for schools UK

Drug Testing Kits For Schools UK

Drug use in UK schools

Drug testing in schools UK

Drug use in schools in UK is on the increase, and becoming an increasing problem for schools to manage. Random and on suspicion drug testing can act as a deterrent to use of drugs by pupils, and allow schools to deal with pupils using drugs while at school, particularly in the case of boarding schools, where pupils are spending most of their time at school during term time.

Many schools are also increasingly aware that pupils are bringing drugs or alcohol onto school premises either for self use or to share or sell with other pupils but are unsure how to deal with this. In this case a surface or powder drug identification test kit can be a useful tool to test a powder or substance found on school premises.

Drug testing kits for schools

drug testing kits schools

We have recently added some more drug testing kits to our drug test kit range, specifically to meet the drug testing requirements of UK schools 

The new drug test kits we have selected all test for common drugs of abuse in the UK,  with the addition of what were called the new psychoactive substances or legal highs.

Included in the 10 panel schools combination urine drug test kit are the drugs that schools most often request to drug test for by telephone. We will be adding more drug test kits & pack sizes to the schools section of our UK Drug Testing website over the coming months.

Drug testing kits for UK school use

The drug testing kits are all highly accurate and easy to use and test either a urine or saliva sample quickly & easily in the privacy of the school setting. The results are immediate and do not need to be sent off to a laboratory for confirmation. they offer an cost effective way of screening pupils quickly. Negative drug test results do not require any further action. 

A laboratory confirmation drug test pack is available separately if needed for example if a pupil is going to face disciplinary procedures based on results that require a written confirmation drug test. 

Alcohol testing in school

We also have a digital breathalyser that is ideal for schools and educational establishments, particularly sixth form residential schools as alcohol is still the most common recreational drug used, and with many teenagers now also being drivers at 17 years of age, being able to breathalyser them is a very useful tool for school staff holding parental responsibility, and who suspect that they have been drinking alcohol.

Drug and alcohol testing in boarding schools

drug testing in boarding schools uk

The drug test kits and breathalysers in the schools section of our website are ideal for boarding schools to use and can be used by the house master or mistress, if they suspect that a drug has been consumed by the pupils in their care.

If you require any help or advice in implementing drug and alcohol testing at your school please contact our knowledgeable UK Drug Testing customer support team who will be happy to assist you. They can be contacted by telephone during office hours on 01263 731 168 or e-mail our drug testing experts on trade@adtuk.co.uk

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