Construction industry drug testing

Drug Testing Detection Guide

UK Drug Testing detection guide for workplace drug testing

UK Drug Testing Detection Guide

On-site workplace drug testing is being used widely across multiple industries. This guide aims to suggest what most workplace drug testing should include. Specific industries such as construction and aviation have more extensive requirements for screening specified by their industry bodies or regulators.

If you are drug testing in the UK we recommend a minimum combination workplace drug test for the following 5 drug groups listed below. This standard drug test forms the baseline for most workplace drug screening, on to which additional drug groups can be added if required.

If you are aware of a specific issue with a single drug in your workplace or local area, we would still recommend screening for these 5 drug groups as well, to ensure you have undertaken a comprehensive drug screen. Additional drugs can be added which are either specified contractually or known to be locally available and problematic in the demographic being drug tested. 

The base 5 drug groups that you should test if you are drug testing in the workplace in the UK for are:

  • Cannabis  (urine 50ng saliva 12ng)
  • Cocaine  (urine 300ng saliva 20ng)
  • Amphetamine  (urine 1000ng saliva 50ng)
  • Opiates  (urine 2000 or 300ng  saliva 40ng)
  • + Methamphetamine or Methadone or Benzodiazepines
  • Swap Benzodiazepine for Methamphetamine screening for safety-critical workplace drug screening where sedation risk is greater. Consider adding Methadone if there is a local problem known or you employ drivers who are subject to roadside drug tests.

Construction industry drug testing should include one of the following combination drug tests.


Aviation industry drug testing should include one of the following combinations drug tests

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