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Drug Test Surface Wipes

Drug testing wipes

Workplace drug testing can also include screens of surfaces in buildings, vehicles and equipment. This can help identify areas of concern, and be valuable in formulating action plans for employers.

Environmental drug screens can also be conducted in the absence of an operational drug and alcohol policy, as a front line screen to identify if there is a drugs problem within the workplace.

We find this type of surface drug screening is particularly valuable to micro and small business's facing drug abuse concerns for the first time. Most do not have a drug and alcohol testing clause in their employment contracts. It can help clarify and specify the nature of a drug problem within the workplace.

This type of drug testing does not target individuals. It allows the employers concerns to be presented in a public fashion, with an opportunity to make clear the companies zero tolerance of drugs and alcohol within the workplace. It can have a superb deterrent effect, while causing a minimum of disruption to the operation of a business.

What drugs should we screen for?

surface wipe drug test kit 10 panel

In most cases we recommend the use of the 10-panel multi-drug surface wipe drug test kit. This has the advantage of screening for 10 of the common drugs widely used illicitly in the UK. Each of the 10 tests is specific to a single drug group, with individual positive or negative results displayed within 10 minutes of starting the test.

As well as wiping the collecting prongs across surfaces, the surface drug test kit also enables powder residues, crushed tablets and suspected plant materials, such as tobacco stubs to be added to the buffer and run through the test for screening.

How sensitive are the surface drug tests?

We are often asked how sensitive the drug test membranes are. Most will detect tiny residual amounts of the drugs, in the order of 1/1000th of the amounts normally being handled by the user, and the quantities very often left on surfaces even after cleaning.

Panels for surface drug testing are available for next working day delivery as single surface drug test kits or in packs of 5 and 25 test panels.

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