Drug test cups workplace drug testing UK

Drug Test Cups

Drug test cups for workplace drug testing  

Having a complete collection and rapid drug test, built into a well designed and produced urine drug test cup, makes workplace sample collection and drug testing simple and easy.

The Optimal integrated 10 drug cup test is a superb example of just how easy and straightforward rapid drug testing should be. Individually foiled wrapped, these cup drug tests have robust screw lids allowing the cup to be given to the donor to provide the sample directly into the front chamber. The closed lid seals the sample safely within the cup and the temperature check strip enables a quick reference check for body temperature sample reassurance.

drug test cups workplace drug testing uk

Drug testing procedure with split key drug test cups

  • The drug screen will not run until the examiner is happy with the urine sample.
  • The orange key system can then be operated to start the drug test.
  • The urine sample is then screened for 10 common drug groups.
  • Results for each drug group are displayed in 10 minutes.

The advantages of an integrated urine cup drug testing kit for workplace drug testing.

A simple drug test procedure is a key element of any mass workplace drug testing program.

The integrated cup has been designed with this one goal in mind. The optimal 10 drug offers a great combination cup drug test, covering all the common UK drugs of abuse in a single, easy to perform drug test kit and is ideal for first line onsite workplace drug screening.

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