Drug & Alcohol Testing For Parents

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Drug testing kits have been available for self or home drug screening for many years and are increasingly used for self-testing purposes and to exclude and prevent drug misuse within families. Alcohol screening as a routine part of teenagers use of the family car, and the morning after the night before is now easily and reliably completed with simple breath alcohol or saliva drug and alcohol test kits.

We have a new 16 panel urine cup drug test kit in stock this month which is ideal for parents wanting to screen teenagers for a broad range of drugs. Teenagers and young adults are increasingly being exposed to drug use at parties, festivals and even at school and are not always aware what they are taking or the potential serious consequences of their actions in taking an unknown substance. 16, 17 and 18 years olds are particular vulnerable to exposure. 

Home drug testing can help to make them more aware of substances that they may unknowingly ingested and also may help them to resist the very strong peer pressure at this age to try or take drugs if they know they are going to be tested and that there may be consequences at home. Use of a family car to attend parties or festivals can be made conditional on not using drugs. many young adults are unaware of the consequences of driving after taking drugs are are surprised that the penalties are the same as for drink driving.  

Drug testing kits for parents

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