Drager AlcoTest 6820 Breathalyzer handset

Drager AlcoTest 6820 Breathalyzer with Calibration Certificate

Drager breathalysers

New to our line up of professional digital breathalysers this year is our offer for the breathalyzer only Drager 6820.

For those not requiring a printer this breathalyser offers evidential quality readings.

Unlike other Alcotest 6820 offers this breathalyser comes with calibration check certificates confirming it accuracy so you can test with the confidence that the readings will be certified as accurate.

Draeger breathalyser- Draeger 6820 breathalyser

Buy Draeger 6820 breathalyser without printer

Buy Draeger 6820 evidential breathalyser with printer

Draeger 6820 workplace breathalyser and printer certified evidential breathalyzer

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