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Cup drug testing kits UK

Which is the best drug test cup?

The best drug test cup for you to choose depends on your needs and which drugs you wish to test for and in what setting you are performing the drug testing ie in the workplace, as part of a recruitment process, as a home drug test, or in healthcare or when drug testing as part of a drug treatment programme or recovery.

Integrated urine drug test cups

Integrated urine cup drug testing kits are a very easy and affordable way to perform accurate urine drug screening.

Multi-drug testing cup testing kits are now available in 2 cup design options:

  1. Screw lid cup drug testing kits
  2. Split chamber, key operated cup drug testing kits

Screw lid drug test cups

cup drug testing kits screw lid

UK Drug Testing offer the best value direct screw lid cup drug testing kits with a range of pre-loaded drug tests ranging from 7 up to 16 drugs.

To use the screw lid drug test cup you simply unscrew the lid, load a urine sample and the drug test starts running.

Screw lid cup drug testing kits are cheaper to buy than dual chamber designs of drug test cups, making the screw lid design drug test cup ideal for recruitment and healthcare drug screening, home drug testing or where you intend to collect a further urine sample if confirmation drug testing is required.

Split chamber, key operated cup drug testing kits

integrated split chamber key cup drug testing kits

The second cup design option when you are looking at cup drug testing kits is a dual or split chamber cup, with key operation. With this type of cup drug testing kit, the urine sample is loaded into the larger front chamber.

How to use the split chamber cup drug testing kits

When the operator is ready to start the drug test, the key is inserted, allowing an element of the urine sample onto the drug tests. The original urine sample is retained in the front chamber. This can be used for confirmation laboratory drug testing, if positive results require confirmation.

Who should use this design of cup drug testing kit

This type of cup drug test kit is ideal for workplace drug testing, as part of the urine sample is retained in a separate chamber, for laboratory confirmation drug testing if required.

This design of drug testing cup is currently only available as a 10 panel cup drug testing kit, as it is ideal for workplace drug testing. We have a choice of two different drug test combinations in this design of cup.

This design of cup drug testing kit is our most popular design of urine drug test kit for workplace drug testing. They are more expensive than the screw cup drug test kits, because they cost more to manufacture and transport. 

Need some help choosing the best cup drug testing kits?

If after you have read our guide to choosing the best design of cup drug testing kit, you're still unsure and would like some assistance, then please contact our UK Drug Testing customer support team and they will be happy to help you choose the best cup drug testing kits, for your specific needs.

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