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Cotinine Test For Nicotine

Cotinine urine test

What is a Cotinine test?

Cotinine is the first metabolite or breakdown chemical of nicotine and is used as the most accurate detection test for nicotine use. Nicotine is the active chemical in tobacco, and the cause of addiction and dependency. 

The Cotinine test is also often referred to as a smoking test, but it is important to understand, that in this day of multiple routes of nicotine use, that the cotinine test will not differentiate smoking from other nicotine use, such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and vapes containing nicotine.

How is a Cotinine test used?

What the Cotinine test is great for, is confirming any nicotine use in the previous 5 days, so when a person claims to have not smoked, vaped, or used replacement products, then a negative cotinine test proves this.

Types of Cotinine test

Cotinine tests are available in a range of sensitivities including the ultra sensitive 100ng Cotinine urine tests available from UKDrugTesting in test cassette or test strip formats for urine Cotinine testing.

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Saliva Cotinine test

Cotinine saliva test

Saliva cotinine test kits are also available. These test to 20ng, but in saliva this level is only expected for 24-48 hours after last use. It is therefore possible to have a negative saliva cotinine test, while still having a positive urine test.

How long is Cotinine detectable in a urine test

Cotinine can be detected in a urine test for up to 2-5 days since the last use of nicotine. the detection time for Cotinine will vary from person to person and will depend on how much nicotine was used. An instant Cotinine test kit will not give you any indication of how much Cotinine was detected, just that it was present in the sample.

Which is best a saliva Cotinine test or a urine test?

When choosing the Cotinine test format to use, decide how far back you need to screen for, rather than just the sensitivity levels, Urine drug testing almost always looks further back in time, versus the saliva alternative, and this is true with a Cotinine test.

Can hair be tested for Cotinine

Cotinine test hair

The final rapid self-testing option for cotinine testing from ALLTEST is the cotinine hair test kit. This screens back over 3 months for cotinine deposited in the growing hair. It does require a small clump of hair to be harvested for testing, not just a single hair strand. The Cotinine hair test can be ordered via our customer services team.

What about passive smoking, does it affect a Cotinine test?

All these rapid Cotinine test kits are set with a cut off level far in excess of any nicotine absorbed passively in polluted air. While they cannot determine the route of absorption they will to an accuracy in excess of 97% determine if the sample donor has taken nicotine, all the Cotinine tests are very easy to perform, come with clear English instructions, and give clear positive or negative results.

Can you get Cotinine as part of a wider drug screen

Cotinine drug test 10 panel drug test

Yes why not combine cotinine as part of a wider drug screen ? UKDrugTesting offer a 10 panel drug testing kit with Cotinine for urine drug screening including individual results for a range of other common recreational drugs including Cannabis, Synthetic Cannabis, Ketamine. 

If you need any help or advice on which Cotinine test is the best choice for your needs, contact UK Drug Testing customer support team by email or telephone for advice during our office hours , and they will be happy to assist you. 

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