Drug testing in the construction industry

Construction 12 drug saliva drug test kit breaks new ground

Drug testing in the construction industry 

Drug testing in the construction industry needs to cover a more extensive set of drug groups than other employment drug screening. Traditionally this has only been available using urine drug testing kits.

New construction saliva drug test kIt from ALLTEST

New on the UK market from UK Drug Testing this autumn is the ALLTEST Construction 12 Drug Saliva Drug Test Kit with a built in saliva swab collection device. Designed specifically to meet a drug test combination requirement of safety critical construction industry and railside workers. This is an ideal saliva drug test kits for employers and is well suited for on site drug screening in workplace settings, giving 12 drug results in under 10 minutes.

Construction drug test kit-drug testing construction UK

The new Construction oral drug test kit is available to purchase online, from UK Drug Testing and Valuemed web sites, and is available for next day UK delivery.

Its the one of the most comprehensive saliva drug screen available on the market, and allows UK companies to run a cost efficient, comprehensive workplace drug screening program, without the need to collect urine, as a front line method of screening.

UKAS accredited laboratory confirmation drug testing

Construction industry accredited drug testing

The on site drug screening of workers using the construction saliva drug test kit is backed up by our chain of custody saliva drug test back to lab packs which are available to purchase separately, and offer low cost access to certificated and UKAS accredited laboratory confirmation drug testing.

Buy online or contact our trade team if you require advice to purchase construction site drug testing kits



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