Construction Drug Test Kits

Construction Drug Test Kits

Construction drug test kits specifically designed to meet the exacting standards of the UK and international construction industry.

Construction drug test kits

The drug testing requirements of the construction sector are more expansive than other heavy industry, screening for a broader range of drug groups. This approach to testing within the sector, rightly recognises the high risk environments experienced on major construction projects, and the challenges of operating safe working environments over multiple sites.

The rapid drug testing kits used may still be either saliva or urine, but the normal combination would extend from a 10, up to a 13 drug screen and include a wider range of prescription drug groups known to cause sedation and reduce reaction times. Included in most drug screens are strong analgesic pain killers with sedative side effects.

Some of the drug groups included in some drug test panels are not common in the UK, and are included to reflect the international nature of many major construction projects where specialist teams or contractors may be working together. Having a single combination rapid drug test which can be universally applied, avoids the issue of targeting sub groups, keeps drug screening fair to all employees, and simplifies procurement.

Rapid onsite drug testing, operated in-house, is the ideal low cost, high accuracy, high out-put and minimally disruptive option. Drug clear workers can be back to duties within 15 minutes.

UK Drug Testing workplace drug testing kits

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