urine drug test kits workplace drug testing

Choosing urine drug test kits for workplace testing

urine drug test kits workplace drug testing

How do I choose the best urine drug test kits for workplace drug testing?

This is a frequently asked question of UK Drug Testing customer support team. 

To make things easier for you, we have selected these drug test kit lines as ideal drug testing kits for workplace drug and alcohol testing programs. Our best selling ALLTEST 10 panel Workplace Split Key cup DOA-1107 offers a modern combination of 10 common UK drugs in a dual chamber cup. 

The ALLTEST 11 drug combination drug test cup is an ideal choice for the construction industry, as it contains all the Network Rail current drug groups.

Everything on our workplace drug testing page has complete EU and UK accredited certification and batch test reports exceeding IVDD professional & Healthcare CE ISO TUV & FDA certification standards. They are all suitable workplace, pre-employment, recruitment and healthcare drug testing.

We have over 18 years experience in the supply of onsite drug and alcohol testing kits for urine and saliva for the UK workplace. You can buy from us with confidence as we are UK drug testing experts. Our back to lab drug test confirmation packs are UKAS accredited.

Need some advice on workplace drug testing?

If you need any help or advice on choosing the best drug testing kits for your workplace drug testing please contact us by e-mail or telephone.  

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