cheapest drug test kit for employers

Best Value Drug Test For Employers

Which drug test kits offer the best value for money 

Rapid lateral flow urine drug testing panels are undoubtedly the cheapest drug test kit option for employers needing a low cost, high accuracy drug screen to identify and quantify a drug related problem.

cheapest drug test kit for employers uk

Panel drug tests also known as multi-panel urine drug tests don't include a full collection cup, so the urine sample will need to be collected for testing, but this can be as simple as a disposable cup, wide enough to to take the drug test panel. 

To be honest, for all round convenience a cup drug test with an inbuilt drug test panel combination drug test is what most UK employers end up buying, as it does the job with no fuss or urine sample handling. The savings of using a panel dip drug test kit really only add up if you are running 100's or 1000's of drug tests.

Most environmentally friendly drug test kit for employers

It's worth mentioning the environmental considerations in the choice of drug test kit.

Cup drug tests are bulky, use a lot of plastic and cost a lot to transport. A multi drug test panel alternative drug test uses one fifth of the plastic and costs one sixth of the freight from production to UK warehouse. Unfortunately this does not mean drug test panels cost a quarter of the drug test cup alternative, as the drug test membranes still make up the bulk of the drug test kit costs.

This brings us around to the choice of a saliva drug testing kit option. Compact, low weight and with a low plastic volume, these offer and environmentally sound choice.

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