Are urine drug tests 100% accurate ?

Are urine drug tests 100% accurate ?

Urine drug tests accuracy

To know how accurate a urine drug test kit is check the quality certification of the drug tests before use

Taking a urine drug test is a stressful event for employees and self testers alike, so when choosing a urine drug test kit to purchase a critical element of the decision is checking the quality certification and accuracy levels, for the chosen drug testing kits that you are going to use.

Things to check:

  • Manufacturer
  • Make sure the drug test kit is not out of date as this will affect accuracy. It is simple to check the expiry date on the product foil.
  • Manufacturers should have the full set of CE IVDD certification symbols printed on the foil 
  • The lot batch number and expiry date should also be shown on the foil

Drug test kit accuracy varies between different drug test membranes

It can be more difficult to pin down the total accuracy of the kit. Multi-panel drug testing kits may show a range of accuracy, as each drug test strip in the panel will have a separate accuracy level determined in the batch test certificate issued at post manufacture testing.

Store drug testing kits correctly and open just before use.

If the drug testing kit has been stored correctly, within the temperature range specified by the manufacturer, and opened just before being used, the product should perform to the quoted levels of accuracy, so long as the correct testing procedure is followed.

Drug test kit accuracy is usually quoted as compared to the equivalent GC/MS laboratory test procedure. Expect a range of between 95% and 99% over all accuracy compared to GC/MS  Overall accuracy quoted levels are combined rates for sensitivity, selectivity and specificity on positive and negative controls used in batch testing.

When it comes to drug testing nothing is 100% 

While most onsite drug testing kits are very accurate, you should confirm all non negative results with a lab GCMS drug test, if the drug testing is being done in a workplace setting.

No point of care drug test is 100% accurate. You must always interpret results with this fact in mind and consider history of drug exposure, use and the expected detection window for the sensitivity of the drug testing membrane, below which the test should show a negative result even if lower levels of the drug remain in the urine sample tested.

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