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New design ALLTEST saliva drug testing kits in stock

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Saliva drug testing made even easier

We are very happy to launch onto the UK market the latest saliva drug testing kit design from our lead partner ALLTEST.

Available in 2 initial drug test combinations the DSD-867/MET/C and DSD-8127C mirror the barrel combination previously (and still) available as DSD-867MET and DSD-8127 standard combinations.

The new design of the ALLTEST saliva drug test swab has the following advantages:

  • Improved saliva collection swab, completely taste free and slightly larger collection volume for improved, comfortable mouth swabbing to collect residues.
  • Quicker and easier to use saliva drug tsst-faster and directional saliva lateral flow design, gives the best chance of running all 12 drug test membranes where the oral fluid sample volume is reduced as sometimes happens in dry mouthed, nervous donors.
  • Very easy to read and record the saliva drug test results-flat panel results window for easy scan recording of photocopying results for records if required.

How accurate is the new ALLTEST saliva drug testing kit?

Manufacturers data for sensitivity, specificity and accuracy are identical to the previous ALLTEST saliva drug test kit design, as they relate to the membrane batch certification and do not account for procedural problems encountered during sample collection and testing.

Will I notice much difference when compared to the old design of saliva drug test kit

The practical differences are going to be subtle with an small improvement in failure rates which are noted as you add 10+ drug membranes to a kit and the donor is unable to provide good sample volume for analysis.(around 4% of oral drug tests conducted) In these situations the new design will give an improved chance of getting a full set of drug test results from the oral fluid sample and avoid having to re-test or move to a urine drug screen.

Get a free sample and review the new ALLTEST drug test kit for saliva

The two new saliva drug test options are now available alongside the traditional design barrels at the same unit prices. We are keen to here feedback from users of the new and old design of drug test. 

If your company is currently using the previous design of the ALLTEST saliva drug testing kit and you would like to try the new design send an e-mail to with your last order number and we will send you a free drug test kit sample of the new design drug test to try alongside your existing ones.

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