DSD direct saliva drug tests by ALLTEST

DSD-863 Saliva Drug Test Kit gets a design upgrade

New design saliva drug testing kits to launch on the UK market this autumn.

This Autumn we will start transferring sales of our best selling direct saliva drug test kit to the latest design of the ALLTEST DSD saliva drug test kits. 

What is different about the new design oral drug test kit

  • The new improved design of the direct saliva drug testing kit allows up to 9 drug test membranes to be included in for the first time, up until now the maximum was 6.
  • All new stock in our existing 4 and 6 drug test kit combinations will also include a saliva indicator window, giving clear guidance to collectors when adequate sample has been absorbed.
  • The picture above shows the new design on the left and the old design on the right. As you can see they are very similar and the accuracy will be equally high. 
  • The first of the new design saliva drug test kits product to go on sale will be the DSD-863 in our current BZO combination 6 drug.

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