Alltest drug test kits UK

ALLTEST Drug Test Kits

ALLTEST branded drug testing kits offer the highest levels of accuracy currently available

ALLTEST lead the field in new drug testing membranes. offering modern screens including newer drugs of abuse, not previously available. 

HANGZHOU ALLTEST BIOTECH CO.,LTD remains committed to developing Innovative new tests while maintaining "best value" solutions

ALLTEST drug testing kits

ALL TEST drug test kits are manufactured in a purpose built state of the art facility, backed by a comprehensive research and development department and superb quality control and attention to detail.

all test drug test kit UK

ALLTEST Quality Certification

ISO13485 Certification CMDCAS ISO Certification Full CE Certification Certificate of Korea GMP Certificate of USA FDA Certificate of Zhejiang High-Tech Enterprise China Manufacturing License HCG China Medical Device Registration Certificate PRC certificate of Export Canada Health Medical Device Licence RASL Certification for Drugs of Abuse

For European and UK sales, all ALLTEST products have full CE quality certification to professional medical device standards, making them a suitable choice for healthcare, forensic and business screening.

ALL TEST rapid onsite near patient drug testing kits are available in the following formats

Access Diagnostic Tests UK Limited are the appointed UK distributor for the All Test brand drug and alcohol testing kits

You can order Alltest drug testing kits online or contact our customer services team who will be happy to assist you. 

Contact us for wholesale ALLTEST drug test enquiries

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