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A quick guide to urine drug test kits

Urine drug test kits

We decided to put this quick guide to urine drug testing kits to help you decide if urine drug testing is the right choice for you. We hope that you find it helpful.

If you have any questions regarding urine drug tests please leave them in comments or get in touch with our customer support team, and we will be happy to answer them.

Urine drug testing

Urine drug testing looks for short historic drug use as well as current drug use. Consequently a urine drug test does not screen for intoxication or prove that a drug is currently in the donors' blood at a level to cause a psychoactive effect.

A non-negative urine drug test result indicates drug use within the guide window for detection given for each drug group included in the drug testing kit that was used.

Why choose onsite urine drug testing kits?

Urine drug testing is probably still the most popular and certainly longest established form of drug testing in the UK, and internationally.
It is also the most affordable, with the largest selection of reliable urine drug test membranes, and for most businesses will be the best option for first-line rapid drug screening on-site. 


Advantages of onsite urine drug testing

  • Urine drug test kits are highly accurate
  • Urine drug testing kits are very easy to use & interpret.
  • Onsite urine drug testing kits are cheaper to buy than saliva drug test kits or hair drug testing.
  • if you are using an onsite drug test you get an immediate result within minutes.
  • The urine drug test window for urine drug testing is up to 3-5 days for most drugs ( up to 28 days for Cannabis ) compared with up to 12-36 hours for saliva drug screening.
  • As you have a retained the urine sample positive results may be sent for laboratory confirmation urine drug testing if required

Are there any drawbacks to urine drug testing?

  • The main drawback to urine drug testing, is that it is harder to be sure that the urine sample has not been tampered with in any way or does, in fact, belong to the person that you are drug testing.
  • Urine specimens for both screening on-site drug tests and legally defensible back-to-lab drug testing need to be collected under circumstances which respect the dignity of the individual whilst ensuring that the urine specimen is freshly voided so you need to make sure that you provide this.

Three things that you can do to ensure that the urine sample that you are provided with for the drug test is genuine and has not been tampered with: 

  • Put a blue dye block into the toilet cistern, so that if water from the toilet bowl is added or substituted, it will be very obvious.
  • Use a drug test kit or cup with a temperature strip to check that the urine sample is body temperature & fresh. 
  • You can also use urine adulteration test strips to check that the sample has not been diluted and is in fact urine. Some drug test cups have these built in.

Which are the best urine drug test kits?

  • Most drug testing companies sell a confusing array of choices.
  • There is no official guidance in the UK on what to include in the drug tests you choose.
  • The simple answer to this is the best urine drug testing kit is the one that matches your needs & covers all the common drug groups and any additional drug groups which may affect the target demographic.
  • Browse our site and have a look at the drug testing kits that we have. If you require any help or advice on which drug test kit would best suit your particular needs then please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Our recommendation is to start with a 5 or 7 panel urine drug test kit or cup
  • These multi drug combinations are ample for most drug testing situations, and most pre-employment drug screening.
  • In more safety critical employment drug screening increase the number of drug groups tested for and consider our 10 to 13 panel drug test kits.

How accurate are urine drug test kits

  • All the urine drug tests that we stock & supply have very high accuracy levels of between 97-99 %.

Types of urine drug test kits

Urine drug tests are available in several formats

  • Split key integrated cup urine drug test kits
  • Screw lid integrated urine cup drug test kits with built in adulteration test strip
  • Multi-panel urine drug test kits
  • Single urine drug test strips and cassettes

Split key integrated cup urine drug test kits

urine drug test kits split key cup

These are probably the most popular urine drug testing kits for workplace drug tests.


Cup urine drug testing kits urine with built in adulteration test

cup urine drug test kits

Some of these also have a built-in temperature strip

Multi-panel urine drug test kits 

multi panel urine drug test kit

Cheaper to buy than cup drug test kits but just as accurate. Available in a choice of drug test combinations from a 3 panel up to a 12 panel.


Single urine drug test kits & strips


drug test strip
  • Single urine drug test strips and kits are ideal if you just wish to screen for single drugs. 
  • They are available either as a urine drug test strip or a urine drug test cassette.
  • A single urine drug test strip is very quick and easy to use and offers the cheapest way of performing a drug test for just one or two drugs in urine.
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