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Drug Driving Test UK

Drug Driving Test UK

New rules on drug driving roadside tests came into effect on 2nd March 2015 in the UK.
Police in the UK now have access to roadside drug test kits or as they are becoming known in the UK press 'drugalyser' tests.

What drugs are screened for on new UK Drug Driving Test ?

The drug groups that the police will be able to test for at the roadside include :Cannabis, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamine, Methadone, Benzodiazepines Some of these drugs are prescription drugs that can impair your driving ability.

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New Roadside Drug Testing starting with Cannabis & Cocaine

Initially many police forces will be just testing for Cannabis and Cocaine at the roadside. If they suspect other drugs they will take the driver back to the police station for further tests.
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What are the penalties in the UK if you are convicted of drug driving ?

The legal penalties in the UK if you are convicted of drug driving are very similar to drink driving penalties and include a fine of up to £5,000, up to a year in prison, a criminal record.

The persons driving licence will also show that they have been convicted of drug driving. This will last for 11 years. When re-licenced it may be difficult to get insurance.

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