ALLTEST Cocaine & Crack powder & Surface wipe test kit

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The ALLTEST powder and surface wipe test allows fast testing for cocaine and crack cocaine

  • With a sensitivity of just 300ng needed to provide a specific positive test result
  • Can be used to wipe or swab surfaces, powder residues, bank notes etc.
  • Powders can also be added directly to the buffer solution for testing.
  • This test kit is also specific for Cocaine, unlike wipe or pad test which can react to other drugs and contaminants.
  • Individually foil wrapped surface with long expiry dates
  • Very sensitive test for cocaine powder 
  • Highly accurate and specific test to detect Cocaine powder / residues

Pack contents

  • Cocaine test panel
  • Buffer solution
  • Instructions

Uses of the Cocaine powder identifictaion and surface test kit

  • The cocaine powder identification test kit from ALLTEST allows powders to be quickly tested on-site for the presence of cocaine.
  • It also allows surfaces to be swabbed, using the prongs on the test device and then run, using the buffer solution to identify microscopic deposits of cocaine.
  • This allows rapid and accurate environmental tests to be completed on-site.
  • Suitable for workplace, office, vehicles, restaurants, toilets, home and multiple environments where Cocaine use may be an issue

How to use the surface drug test kit to see if a powder contains Cocaine or a surface is contaminated with cocaine residues

  1. It is always advisable to read the instructions supplied with the drug test kit, and make sure you understand them before starting the test. A timer is also helpful. 
  2. Remove the Cocaine test kit from the foil and take the cap off. Keep it nearby as it is required in a later step
  3. Hold the test kit so that the prong is facing downwards
  4. If you are using the test kit as a surface test then wipe the prong that sticks out thoroughly across the surface that you wish to test.cap that you removed in step 2. 
  5. Now carefully remove cap from buffer and put the buffer solution into the cap
  6. Keeping the cap upright so as not to spill the buffer solution, carefully put the prong into the cap so that it can absorb the buffer and leave it there for 10-15 seconds in the upright position.
  7. You should now be able to see a pink colour appear within the window on the test kit
  8. Make sure the cap is secure and lay the test kit flat. Set your timer
  9. Read the result at 5-10 minutes

If you are using the test to check if a powder is Cocaine then follow steps 1-3 as before. Then add the powder to the buffer and replace and mix gently. Then follow steps 5-9 as before.

How to read the results of the Cocaine surface test

  • First you need to look for the C (Control ) line. If this is present it means that enough of the buffer solution has been absorbed to run the test correctly.
  • Next look for a T (Test line) . If this is present then the result is a negative result and means that no Cocaine powder was detected by the test. If the T line is not as dark as the C line this is still a negative result, and is not of any significance.
  • If the T line is not visible and you have a C line then this is a positive result meaning that Cocaine residue has been detected

The sensitivity of this cocaine surface and powder test kit is 300ng/ml  over this level the test shows a positive result. 300ng has been selected as the cut off level for positive results to minimise false positive results occurring from general environmental contamination. At 300ng and above a positive result is strongly indicative of recent cocaine contact with the surface when performing wipe tests. One nanogram (ng) is one billionth of a gram, so this test can detect tiny quantities of cocaine which are commonly deposited on surfaces when cocaine is cut or used.

Cocaine is normally cut with one of the following substances. None will interfere with the test kit.

  • glucose
  • lactose and/ or mannitol
  • baking soda
  • corn starch
  • Vitamin C powder
  • talcum powder

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