workplace laboratory confirmation drug tests

Workplace back to lab chain of custody urine confirmation drug test pack

  • £48.00

Laboratory Drug Test Urine

  • Each lab test pack enables a "chain of custody" UK laboratory urine GC/MS drug test using a leading fully accredited UK laboratory
  • Confirming on-site positive (and non-negative) drug test results with a lab test is a critical part of employment drug testing.
  • Our single result pre-paid laboratory confirmation packs offer a low-cost complete solution.
  • Pack contains urine collection cup, 2 sample vials, sample transport protection canisters, pre-paid mailing bag, paperwork, labels, seals and instructions.
  • GC/MS remains the "gold standard" confirmation test.
  • Certificated results enable tribunal or disciplinary protection to employers, having excluded false positive or negative results.
  • Our price includes GC/MS testing for a single drug group. The sample can be used to test for multiple drug groups but an additional charge of £48.00 will be made for each additional GC/MS test requested on the sample.

How many lab drug test packs should we purchase

  • Our recommendation is that you should expect a positive result rate of between 4% and 6% in random workplace drug testing and pre-order a suitable number of confirmation lab packs to have on site.
  • It is advisable to have at least one lab drug test pack if you are doing workplace drug testing

How long will the lab drug test results take 

  • Samples are processed with 72 working hours of receipt and certificates results e-mailed.

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