Mission Breath Alcohol Detector Breathalyser Kits 0.02%BAC professional drivers 20 individual tests per pack

  • £25.20

If this breathalyser kit is out of stock we recommend the Test And Drive single use breathalyser kits as an alternative.

Mission breath alcohol test disposable single use chemical breathalyser kits with a 0.02 %BAC detection level.

  • Long expiry date single use disposable breathalyser kits
  • Available in multipacks of 20 test cartons, buy 20 to 500 disposable breathalysers 
  • Breath Alcohol Detector 0.02%BAC indicator UK HSE sensitivity. (Professional drivers, HSE, Industrial and workplace alcohol testing)
  • Zero tolerance alcohol detection suitable for industrial testing & professional drivers (HGV & PSV, minibus drivers, forklift drivers etc)
  • Portable and disposable alcohol breathalyser/detector
  • Provides non-invasive "first screening".
  • Very easy to use & interpret single level disposable breathalyser kit
  • Reliable results within 2 minutes.
  • Easily carried in a pocket, glove box or purse
  • Crystal colour change if Blood Alcohol Content is equal or above 0.02%BAC 

Mission Breath Alcohol Detector Kits 0.02%BAC Pack Contents:

  • 20 individually foil-wrapped single use disposable breathalyser kits 
  • Datasheet instruction.

Smaller packs of Mission single use disposable breathalyser kits available to buy online here 

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