Home drug testing 2 x 5-panel drug test kit + 2 x FREE Ultra Cannabis drug test strips

  • £7.62

Specially selected for home testing this offer drug test kit combination from UKDrugTesting.

Ideal pack for parents or schools.

  • 2 individual 5-panel drug test kits which cover 10 separate drug groups
  • 2 FREE ultra cannabis drug test strips

The 2 five panel tests include the same 10 drug schools combination covering the common established traditional recreational drugs and the newer psychoactive substances being increasingly used by teenagers. Plus we send you 2 ultra 25ng urine cannabis drug testing strips FREE when you order this offer pack.

Each 5-panel drug test can be used once on a urine sample to test for 5 drugs. The 2 five panels include the following drug group test membranes...

5-panel NPS test kit screens urine for:

  • K2/K3 Spice 3-5 days after use.
  • Ketamine  3-5 days after use
  • MDPV Bath Salts  3-5 days after use
  • Mephadrone MEP M CAT 3-5 days after use
  • MDMA Ecstacy  3-5 days after use

5-panel Combo 1 drug test kit screens urine for:

  • Cannabis THC 5-30 days after use.
  • Cocaine and Crack 3-5 days after use
  • Amphetamine Speed 3-5 days after use
  • Methamphetamine Crystal Ice 3-5 days after use
  • Opiate Heroin 3-5 days after use