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Dräger Police 5820 Breathalyzer UK Home Office Certified Draeger Breathalyser.

Dräger Police 5820 Breathalyzer UK Home Office Certified Draeger Breathalyser.

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Dräger (Draeger) Police 5820 Breathalyser

  • Our price for Draeger Police 5820 breathalyser is £491.66 Plus VAT
  • The Dräger Police 5820 breathalyzer offers police grade accuracy and UK home office certification accredited alcohol testing.
  • The Draeger 5820 breathalyzer has easy operation software in a beautifully designed and robust handheld breathalyser design.
  • This Draeger breathalyzer is ideal for UK workplace alcohol testing.

Key features of Draeger 5820 breathalyser

Draeger 5820 Menu buttons 

  • Easy to use intuitive software and menus with 2 different measurement settings
  • Active, using mouthpieces
  • Passive, measures ambient air alcohol.

Fast, versatile and tough Draeger breathalyser

  • The electro-chemical Draeger sensor in the Alcotest 5820 is distinguished by its very fast response times and a long service life.
  • It operates with extreme precision and reliability.
  • The analysis is reliable even at temperatures of -5 to +50 °C / 23 to 122 °F.
  • The sensor also delivers reliable results quickly in case of a high alcohol content, for both active and passive measurements.

 Draeger 5820 breathalyser pack contents

  • Dräger 5820 breathalyser
  • 3 x Draeger 5820 breathalyser mouthpieces
  • Wrist strap
  • User's manual
  • 2 x 1.5v Duracell Battery

    Which mouthpieces does the Draeger 5820 breathalyser require?

    • Requires Dräger 5820 breathalyser mouthpieces available in packs of 100

    Delivery on the Draeger 5820 Breathalyser:

    Please allow 3 working days. This breathalyser is not available for next day delivery.

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