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ALLTEST Cannabis Saliva Drug Testing Kit DTH-802

  • £17.25

Saliva drug test kit for Cannabis

  • Easy to use saliva collectors ensure an adequate sample is obtained in the separate collector vessel, which is then added to the saliva drug test cassette.
  • Premium oral fluid swab drug test kit detecting just THC 12ng/ml in oral fluid.
  • Simply wipe the swab collector around the oral cavity before saturating in saliva.
  • Dispense the collected saliva in the ampule, invert and add to the drug test cassette.
  • Read the results in 5 minutes.
  • Gives a window of detection of up to 12 hours after last cannabis use.
  • This drug test kit works by directly detecting THC residue in the oral cavity.
  • It does not detect metabolite and will give negative results if the oral cavity has been cleaned or rinsed in any way after cannabis use or if the person being tested has eaten or had a drink.

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